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At the corner of psychology & creativity

Logo designs that integrate the strategy of branding with the aesthetics of Newman’s refined graphic design theory.

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Graphic Design

Where art meets strategy

Proper graphic design is crucial in many ways. We create not only what the client needs but tailor every pixel to fit their brand’s message.

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Graphic Design and Branding San Luis Obispo

Web Design

Home sweet home

Your website is not only your digital door for your audience, but is an essential tool for spreading your brand and standing out from your competition.

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Talk the talk and walk the walk

Marketing your business correctly invests  further into your brand by effectively reaching your target audience in a strategic, yet unique way.

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Creativity is what sells and builds brands.
A great marketing strategy is only as good as the design that portrays it. We have the creative talent to make your art direction, design, web, photo, and video dreams into a measurable reality.

By wisely studying markets and staying up to date with the most current of media and trends, we can accurately determine which outlets are best for our clients paid and earned media.

We know how to perfectly bond creativity with strategy. That is why every move we make is cool, calculated, and cogent. We refine, strategize, execute and repeat.

A full analysis of your social media channels is key to truly discovering the leverage and opportunity for your specific brand.

By knowing every inch of your brand, we can then engage flawlessly with the community and deliver new insights. This enables us to refine further making every interaction more powerful on a daily basis. We will know and build the community.

Thanks to social media and modern tactics, we can get to know the consumers on a personal level.  By listening, researching, and analyzing we gain more knowledge and better understand the consumer. From strategy to production, every single insight improves and refines.

Where businesses become brands

By merging the craftsmanship of graphic design with the longevity of market research and brand analysis, Newman Studios provides custom graphic design, branding & logo design, web design and creative marketing solutions.

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