Creativity for Cause.

We are proud to announce our “Give” program which allows you to submit your favorite local, charitable organization to be potentially chosen for a complete Branding Package courtesy of Newman Studios. By giving our creativity to these causes we wish to empower the foundation and our community.

2018 winner will be chosen in late May – Entries are accepted at any time!

Why Give?

A fantastic way to support a cause that is close to your heart. By submitting a foundation that you truly care about, we see which needs are arising in our community and we, along with others, are able to better serve. (Why Brand?)

Submit anonprofit.


Branding Package Includes


Category Research

Audience Research

Concept Drafts

Logo Design

Color Palette


Brand Style Guide

Enter a Nonprofit

The Value of Branding


The branding and logo design of any entity is crucial for its longterm success. By having a proper brand identity in place, the organization is able to appeal to the correct audience and reach new prospects.


With a proper brand identity, an organization is able to grow and evolve within the crafted identity. We take these factors into account which empowers the new brand to flex, refine, and change while still connecting with their audience.


Our minds are constantly bombarded with messages from competing brands. We specialize in making brand identities that "stick" in the mind of the viewer by implementing psychological tactics and aesthetics. When a logo sticks, it is more likely to be remembered and loved.


Authenticity is very rare these days within any industry. That is why legitimacy must be a cornerstone to the identity of a brand. By having a logo design that is created to evoke tailored emotions that align with your target audience we are able to reinforce the elements of legitimacy empowering the viewer to make a decision in favor of the brand.


Every good brand has a story, and every good logo carefully reveals this dynamic to its viewers. By designing according to the core of the organization, we are able to begin sharing the stories that will help the brand successfully connect further with its viewers.


A solid strategy is only as good as its creativity. We emphasize both, but know that creativity is what takes brands to the next level. By packing every design full of creativity we are able to help brands stand out and make a great impression that lasts. Through our creative efforts, we turn organizations into brands.