Quinn Home Logo Design and Brand Identity

Brand Identity and Logo Design for a tile, cabinet, and countertop showroom located in San Luis Obispo and Palm Springs.


A complete rebrand that flips this amazing showroom to not only welcome the target audience but connect with those who want timeless and trendsetting styles for their home’s interiors.

Creative Solution

A brand identity—logo, website, signage, collateral—that walks the line between high-end interior resources and a welcoming, creative atmosphere.

San Luis Obispo Graphic Design and Logo Design

The Client

Located in California’s San Luis Obispo and Palm Springs, Quinn Home is a top shelf tile, cabinet, and countertop showroom that is extremely design focused and customer service orientated. Their curated options have drawn clientele from many miles as they serve not only the tasteful homeowner, but also interior designers.

The Strategy

The brilliant clients who approached us with this project were amazing. They gave us complete creative freedom and allowed us to explore off-the-wall ideas for the brand. When we boiled it down, the strategy was developed by our team to shake up the “showroom” industry by introducing a fun, creative brand that is also refined and minimalistic. The balance we struck here allows the audience to understand the personality of the brand without sacrifices their elegance and design-based options.

“You hit the nail on the head! Excellent!”

Quinn Home Logo Design - San Luis Obispo - Palm Springs

The Design

The strategy’s core brought to life a logo that resembles scribbles or even a creative thought process of doodles. The reasoning here is to show the human-element of not only homes, but the designing of your spaces. The shape actually makes a nest which connects the viewer directly to the concept of “home” and does so in a very friendly way. By “friendly” we mean there is a welcoming and peaceful connection when one thinks of nests and birds thanks to pop culture, movies, and more. The nest is also constructed with care just as your home.

Hidden within the nest is a nice “easter egg”—if we may. If one looks closely, you’ll find a “Q” created by the positive and negative space of the nest. This is a psychological element we often use in logo design because this creates a puzzle to be “solved” by our viewers. Once this hidden image is found, one can’t help but tell a friend or two and find pride in knowing something another might not; the foundation for gossip. The entire process of the “easter egg” is a dopamine hit for our audience, therefore making the logo less likely to be forgotten as a brand.

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