Brand Identity and Logo Design to capture the timeless essence of radio with the authentic roots of the New Mexico region.


Can sound be visible? Better yet, can sound be branded? Developing a brand identity for an entity that delivers an invisible product can not only be a challenge, but can be an opportunity.

Creative Solution

A brand identity—logo, collateral—that resonates with the target demographic and is positioned to scale and be heard.

The Client

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Rio Grande Studios focuses on creating unique and powerful music for various artists and production studios. Their quiver of top of the line equipment is expertly paired to make the best combination possible for each project. Rio Grande is contemporary while maintaining an authentic ambiance to reflect that of their region.

The Strategy

The project was started by researching New Mexico’s rich history and community icons. The South Western vibe had to be met for our client as they rooted deep into the city of Albuquerque. We chose to bring the brand identity to a different realm by allowing the logo design to have a balanced used of textures and bold, clean lines. The identity was complete by the client being able to implement the retro “Rio Grande Studios” typography coupled with the skull or use both separately. This helps the brand be scalable and completes the identity to evolve not only with time but with the clientele.

The Design

Throughout the process of developing the brand identity, the client wanted to represent the local region of New Mexico while still having the edge a recording studio needs to have. Taking this into consideration, our team developed an identity that not only struck a chord with the local region’s history but had the textures to bring the brand to life and resonate with their target demographics.

The design quickly evolved to have rough edges and a bold personality that brought back hints of retro radio design complemented by sheer rock n’ roll. The design’s textures set a tone as it makes the audio a visual experience to establish the brand.

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