Trumpet Vine Catering Logo Design and Web Design

Complete Branding project for a Paso Robles contemporary catering company with almost 20 years of experience.


You eat with your eyes first. Now take into consideration that a brand’s logo is the first impression their audience will consume. Rebranding an experience business that not only delivers quality service but top-notch food tailored to each of their clients.

Creative Solution

A brand identity—logo, website, collateral—that brings a contemporary yet authentic vibe to this well known and experienced catering business.

The Client

Located in the heart of Wine Country, Trumpet Vine Catering is a masterful catering team who crafts high quality meals for weddings, special occasions, corporate retreats, and events. Their attention to detail goes beyond just the 5-star food as they create an overall experience for their customers through presentation.

The Strategy

The strategy with this project was to harvest the many years of experience of the business and transform their brand to represent that while still pertain to a more contemporary audience. By using crisp typography and lines with the detail and illustrative style of the hand drawn trumpet vine flower, we are able to appeal to the target demographic while delivering a brand identity that is scalable and memorable.

The Design

Each step of this logo design process, we were refining the brand identity further and further. With deep roots in the fantastic experience of the client we were able to apply the strategy with the creativity to create a visual experience that allows the brand to be viewed, processed, and accepted by the customer’s mind. This fine line of telling a story and not fully describe the business draws the viewer in to learn more and relate further with the brand. This emotional connection that is then created builds the brand further.

The timeless design reflects on the business while giving it a “face” and allowing the brand to evolve with time and its clientele. The business has become a brand.

Trumpet Vine Catering Logo Design and Web Design

Trumpet Vine Catering

Brand identity, logo design, collateral, and website design for an experienced and beloved catering company in Paso Robles, California. We developed an identity that speaks to the invaluable experience of our client while having a contemporary and relatable vibe.

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